• Specialists in Pulp & Paper Industry

    Specialists in Pulp & Paper Industry

  • Specialists in Technical Consultancy

    Specialists in Technical Consultancy

  • Specialists in Technique Transfer

    Specialists in Technique Transfer

Welcome To Wemet

Wemet is an international trading company dealing in Forestry, Pulp & Paper Products.  We have been supplying equipment for Stock Preparation, Paper Manufacturing & Converting Plants and finished paper products for over a decade, and have built a strong global network of buyers and suppliers along the way.

We are committed to providing complete solutions for our customers, using state-of-the-art technology & innovative product design to match their vision - including customizations - when the need goes beyond standard specification designs.

Our experienced team works carefully to deliver a seamless service that includes consultation, design, manufacturing, installation & personnel training for machinery.

We also leverage our global network for our clients to explore new markets for their export-quality finished paper products.

The goal that motivates our efforts is the long term client relationships that are built from understanding and fulfilling unique challenges with products of unmatched quality & superior performance in all areas of our business.

Our Services